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Dress for success with feng shui

Your colour choices are an expression of your thoughts and emotions, what you wear can affect how productive your day is. Claire Boscq-Scott educates us on the meaning of each colour choice.

It’s Monday morning and you have a super important pitch later on, what are you going to wear? Well, you want to wear something which will give you energy and determination, the best colour for this is red… Yes, wearing your favourite red knickers or red socks will increase circulation and therefore raise blood pressure, pulse rate, overall energy and physical temperature. For decades, some of the greatest philosophers have observed the power of colours, and the immediate effect on our emotions. Colours have a powerful effect, our physical appearance will affect our emotions, our personality, how we feel and how we behave, it has transformational properties that can be calming, stimulating or balancing. “Wake up in the morning and choose a colour that sets the tone for the day and support your goals, or counteract a negative feeling we may be having, this can be a powerful tool when wielded with intention” Thelma Van de Werff, chartered colour therapist. So, now we have established that wearing certain colours can definitely change the way we feel, how should you use that information to influence your state through your days, improve your confidence and performance?

Purple Transform and relax

Wear this colour when you want to make something grand happen, purple is the colour of transformation, it’s a calming colour, it can help slow down nervous energy, creating deep relaxation and inner emotional release. Purple can also be intentionally used to raise low self-esteem. It can stimulate dream activity, clarify our thinking and help us connect to our subconscious. Wear purple to get you feeling special, feminine and sophisticated.

Blue - Communication and loyalty

Wear light blue to encourage peaceful and healthy self-expression and to be open to receiving communication from others; it represents loyalty and trustworthiness and is the perfect colour to wear if you are doing a presentation or giving a speech. Blue is believed to release the hormone oxytocin, which is a natural relaxant, a clean, bright blue shirt will get you noticed for your credibility. It’s an easy colour to wear, it’s gentle, calm and super classy.

Green - Growth and Inspiration

Representing hope, new ideas, growth, good luck and prosperity, green is sure to lift your energy and inspire those around you. Wear green to encourage compassion and freeflowing, it will give you strength, courage and a sense of direction. Wear green when to want to motivate your team, get them to take action or consider new possibilities.

Yellow - Boldness and self-esteem

Yellow is a bright, bold and an empowering colour that brings light and positiveness to our life. Yellow helps with self-definition, self-assurance and is a good colour to visualize when engaging in physical activities. Wear yellow to encourage personal will power, joy and stability. Yellow is also represented by gold, so if yellow doesn’t quite suit your skin, just like me, wear gold jewellery or a gold scarf will do the trick.

Orange - Creativity and sociability

Orange is the warmth, the creativity, the sociable; it’s a colour which encourage expression of feeling and openness, of creative energy. Orange, a combination of red and yellow, is said to be more balancing than red and good for sustaining warmth, deep fiery oranges are pretty sexy. It is thought to enhance creativity, vitality and sensuality; stimulate socializing and create opportunity, wear orange when you go networking and see how people get attracted to you.

Red - Power and Passion

Red is one of the most powerful colour of the rainbow. Red is a symbol of life, strength, courage, passion, love and earth. Warmer than other colours, it is stimulating and can be thought of as a tonic. Want to catch people's eyes? Incorporating a fun pin or accessory that invites comments will also help you catch people's attention so you can find out how you can help them in their pursuits. Wearing red is often associated with fiery vixen who knows what she/he wants. Try wearing red now with the intention of strengthening your power base, to encourage energetic balance and liveliness.

I love my morning routine, I wake up 10 minutes early to have my “10 mins me-time” before the day kicks off. I take this time to think about the day, what am I doing? Who am I meeting? What do I want to achieve today? This is the perfect time to also choose what I am going to wear and how it is going to help my day, be confident and happy in my skin. Choose your colours every morning and feel fabulous in colours that will brighten your day and those around you.

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