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Coming up roses

"As I got older, I had to make a tricky decision; what style would be reflective of me?" Liana Shaw talks about her personal relationship with jewellery.

I’ve always liked shiny things. Pretty things. Watching Mum put on her glistening bangles and Dad clip on his shiny cufflinks. Lovely.

So, as I got older and jewellery started to lure me into its exquisite, sparkly world, I had to make a tricky decision; what style would be reflective of ‘me’? Because that’s one of the great things about jewellery – it’s such an easy thing to use when expressing your personal style. It doesn’t have to be too expensive or flashy (unless that’s what you like of course) and it doesn't matter whether you like diamonds or pearls, Cartier or Topshop, there really is a trend of jewellery to suit everyone.

There was one particular gleaming metal that had always caught my eye. Mainly because my dear ol’ Dad wore it as a signet ring he’d had since his 21st birthday, and I delighted in taking it off his large bear paw of a hand and sliding it onto my skinny little finger as a child: rose gold. And then, many years later, imagine my pleasure and slight amusement when this gorgeous, warm pinky hue was back into fashion, after so many years of people saying “Errr rose gold? Is that a thing?” Oh, how little they understood. It was very, very much a thing. And rightly so.

Rose gold has stolen the top trends lime light for a couple of seasons now. Everyone, from high end designers such as Cartier and Armani to our high street staples like Pandora and Topshop, have been in on the action. Remember when there were even waiting lists for the Rose Gold iPhone 6? Yes, even technology giants saw the potential. And this recently re-discovered super metal is still very much hitting the fashion heights. Rose gold jewellery has such a classic elegance to it. I wear it in every season, but I think rose gold makes my naturally olive skin look even more glowy in the summer months. Rose gold’s special mix of copper and gold alloys (the best of which is approximately 75% gold and 22.5% copper, maybe a smidge of silver thrown in for a lightening effect) makes it that little bit more intriguing and unique than some other metals, and allows for a range of tones, from pale blush to a deep pinky red. But either way, when the summer’s sun hits its surface, the gentle luminosity

is something quite special.

My own lovely rose gold signet ring (a mini copy of Dad’s to fit my now older, slightly less skinny fingers) has some wear and tear scratch marks now, and the once defined edges of its shield shape are smoothed over from everyday life.

To be fair this ring has been everywhere with me: has barely, if ever, left my finger in 5 years of rose gold filled joy; from thrashy surfs, steamy rainforest treks and Vegas pool parties. Admittedly it’s been too hard to take off because of said heat at these exotic locations, but still.

And that’s the other thing about jewellery. It goes on journeys with you. Not always physical journey’s but emotional ones too. You buy or get made copies of loved ones most precious items and they become your most precious items. Designs and metals get used again and again for generations because they are just that wonderful. Whether you like silver or gold. Wearing my beloved rose gold is a reflection on my own personal relationship with jewellery.

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