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Get Lippy

During World War II, all cosmetics except for lipstick were rationed. Winston Churchill decided to keep lipstick in production because he felt it had a positive effect on morale. Needless to say, lipstick sales did well during the war!

With national lipstick day looming we headed out to find our favourite shade ►

Bronze Blow Up

Smooth and refine with Prep and Prime Lip (£12). Add a few lines of Bittersweet Pro Longwear Lip Pencil (£13.50) in the centre and blend with fingers. Apply Bronze Shimmer Frost Lipstick (£14.50) all over the lips and blend towards the centre. Add Oh Darling in Extra Dimension Highlighter (£21.50) to the outer corners and finish with Clear Lipgloss (£14). Makeup: MAC, Voisins Model: Michaela

Galaxy Lip

Smooth and refine with Prep and Prime Lip (£12). Apply Caviar Retro Liquid Lipcolour (£15.50) to the lips. Go over the whole lips with On and On in Frost (£14.50) and top with Clear Lipgloss (£14). To complete the look, use Fascinating Eye Kohl to draw a solid white line in the middle of the bottom lip. Makeup: MAC, Voisins Model: Sophie

Red Ombre

Using Lip Brush 21 (£31.50) apply Plum Lush Matte (£35) to the lip line. Fill the middle of the lip with Flame Matte (£35) and blend outwards. Finish with just one touch of Peach Absolut Ultra Shine Lip Gloss (£30.50). Makeup: Tom Ford, de Gruchy Model: Ramona

Bold Red Orange Lip

Start by conditioning the lips with the Clear Lip Conditioner (£15.50). Use a brush to apply light strokes of Pure Colour Love Lipstick in Hot Streak (£16.50) and line the lips with Double Wear Lipliner in Coral (£16). To make the lips really stand out, go around the outer lip with Double Wear Brush On Glow Highlighter in Soft Pink (£22). Makeup: Estee Lauder, de Gruchy Model: Gosia

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