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A slice of Scandi-cool

Laura Morel talks to the head UK consultant for Friendtex, Kathryn Filleul, to find out about the Scandi brand.

This is the year the world has gone gaga for hygge, the Scandinavian concept of pursuing the good things in life that leaves you with a warm, cosy feeling. So it makes sense that Scandi-cool also dominated the fashion industry, with their affordable and relaxed approach to stylish dressing. In Jersey we may not have easy access to their fashion greats; H&M, Cos, & Other Stories, but there is one Danish brand available to us that is slowly making ripples. Kathryn Filleul, Head UK Consultant for Friendtex explains just why Scandi-cool has become so popular.

“It’s all about bagging stylish pieces for minimum effort,” she explains. “The Friendtex range is about clean lines and easy, wearable pieces that fit in effortlessly with the rest of your wardrobe.” Kathryn brought the brand to Jersey in 2011, immediately seeing the appeal to the Jersey market. At a time when office wear is embracing more relaxed dress codes, it works for those that value comfort but still want to follow seasonal trends. Friendtex call their style ‘casformal,’ elevating simple basics like the sweater or jogger into something more high-fashion.

Scandinavian style is very laid-back but at the same time sophisticated. They are masters at layering and making outfits look effortless and uncomplicated. “This is exactly what people are looking for in their lives now, something easy and uncomplicated and Friendtex completely mirrors this.”

On an Island where fashion can at times feel a little limited, Friendtex offers a different dimension to high street shopping and you feel like you’re wearing something unique and coveted. Sold exclusively through consultants, the brand brings fashion directly into your home making the whole experience simple and hassle free. “This way of shopping appeals to those who don’t feel comfortable with the service they get on the high street,” Kathryn advises. “Your home is a relaxed environment where you can build confidence with clothes and experiment to find your individual style.”

As a business model, Friendtex also stays true to the Danish approach, being simple and easy-going. “There are no hard sells, or targets to be met. It very much works around your life,” Kathryn explains. Kathryn is one of only two consultants on the Island for Friendtex, providing a great opportunity for others to join the company as individual consultants. As someone with lengthy experience of the brand, Kathryn is on hand to support her consultants with their business approach, guiding them so that they don’t feel they are going it alone.

Following a hugely successful fashion week in Copenhagen earlier this year, expect to see everyone rocking a little bit of Scandi style. “My customers have really embraced Friendtex as the popularity of Scandinavian design has grown. They find that the brand provides them with the foundations of their wardrobe every season.”

To find out more about Friendtex, you can contact Kathryn Filleul via email at

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