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Find your va va voom

From accessories and jewellery to suits and jackets, velvet is back with a grown up attitude.

Cédric Charlier

Think of velvet and you could be forgiven for thinking of your nan’s curtains. What can I say? My nan has very expensive taste when it comes to curtains. However, you would be wrong to write it off as something for the elderly because velvet is making a fashion come back (again) and for good reason too.

I first dallied with velvet in the late 90s. I was a teenager and I embraced the velvet trend with the enthusiasm of an over-excited puppy. Less is more hadn’t reached my vocabulary yet and I went out dressed head to toe in velvet. However, a long black velvet skirt and patchwork long velvet jacket, complete with the then teenage prerequisite Doc Martens, was not the look my boss wanted from his Saturday girl working on reception. I was told to dress more “appropriately next Saturday because you are confusing our elderly customers.” To be fair it was an opticians so perhaps their poor eyesight meant that they were confusing me with the upholstery.

This trend is definitely not to be confused with any form of upholstery though. This is about you finding your inner va va voom with velvet. Whilst it may have made a short lived comeback in 2016, 2017 is showing us a more sassy side. Goodness knows we could all do with more sass in a somewhat depressing and rather grey world at the minute.

Velvet has evolved and has become more tailored thanks to suits from Prada. For your more casual look you have stylish bomber jackets from Miu Miu - the perfect way to finish your weekend outfit with flair. Velvet is everywhere and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get some fabulous velvet bling. You can find it in most of your high street retailers and the Jersey independent boutique shops certainly have a good range too. You only need one statement piece to make an impact. Think ruched skirts, velvet trousers, tailored jackets or perhaps just a choker.

However, while I am not suggesting you go all out for velvet - unless you really want to (then bravo my friend) or you are Kendal Jenner, who can annoyingly pull off the head to toe look with aplomb - but at the very least I would suggest stocking up on some key pieces. Velvet has been all over the catwalks as it is the perfect fashion trend for those colder months. Forget the 90s goth look and think bright, bold and beautiful - think stunning peacock blues and statement yellow, as in the sumptuous canary yellow Cédric Charlier dress.

Velvet is capturing the hearts of many a celebrity - Victoria Beckham and Rita Ora to name a few - and we need to be following their velvet lead. Velvet shouts luxury and opulence, and it is no longer just reserved for the gentlemen’s clubs. It’s now our turn. Our time to embrace it for all it’s worth and embrace it we should because it is the perfect feel good fabric. How could we not love velvet? It’s grown up, I like this new formal side to velvet - smart, sophisticated and full of sass, this is just what we need to bring a bit of velveteen sparkle to the dying embers of 2017.

I’m ready to find my new inner velvet va va voom.

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