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Hats off to great style

Whether it's a beret or a trilby, find a style that suits you and start rocking the biggest accessory trend of the year.

Marc Jacobs

One of the best and most versatile accessories available in any season, hats are a great way to add some extra panache to an outfit.

Hats do provide some practicality in the winter; perfect for a bit of extra cover in the rain and to keep ears toasty. However, the humble hat has been pegged as one of the top fashion must haves this season and this year, hats are really taking on an identity of their own.

Pom-poms are a staple design for the trusty woolly hat enthusiast. But now, you can get a range of coloured pom-poms and even detachable ones so you can change the colour to suit your outfit of the day. Also, more is more this season. No longer shall the pom-pom stand atop a hat by itself; two, three or more pom-poms are all in play.


The list is long for other adornments on hats this season; jewel embellishments will give a bit of extra sparkle, cat ears are making a way onto hats from the cat ear headband trend, slogans are shouting out brazenly in knitted writing on beanies and faux fur hats (perfectly Scandi chic) have all been seen on the A/W catwalk and high street.

When it comes to the style, some people tend to suit every type of hat they put on. Others, it might take a bit of trial and error. The age-old conundrum of some of us ‘just not suiting hats’ is sure to be a thing of the past with the influx of designs on the market.


Find a type that works for you; a cloche design has a vintage feminine look, a trilby adds some edge, a slouchy beanie is perfect for a relaxed urban look and berets add a playful twist to an outfit. You could opt for classic glamour with a wide brimmed floppy hat (a contrasting band with a feather adds a bit of country luxe) and a furry Cossack style hat will keep you feeling super cosy.

Whatever your hat, keep in mind that although it’s an accessory, every part of the outfit can help elevate your look to a new level, so don’t be afraid to push the boat out.

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