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Rediscover the amazing, unique individual you are

When you lack confidence, everything becomes a struggle. But how do you get back on the path to truly believing in yourself when life has thrown you what seems to be insurmountable challenges? Pamela Pitcher did just that and is now a well-respected Confidence and Clarity Coach.

I was born in Canada to an air force family, a troubled family. I was deeply loved by my father but he died when I was six years old – the first scar upon my heart. I can still feel the intensity of how much he loved me and I him. I never really had that with my mother. She did love me but she utilised me as her rock to cope with being a single mother. She even called me her ‘little rock’.

I gave my mother more than she ever gave me emotionally. I often refer to my mom as a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde – loving me one minute and spewing out alcoholic rants of abuse the next. She was a broken woman in so many ways; my heart went out to her. I did my best to pick her up and try to make her happy. My efforts were always temporary; she died a sad woman.

I had three older brothers, one was a bully who terrified me growing up and hurt me deeply later in life; one a psychopath who betrayed the ultimate trust and raped me when I was sixteen and ruined a relationship I thought I could depend upon. The third loved me unconditionally. He gave me support and made me laugh like no other. He passed in a fire far too early when our family home burned down when I was nineteen, leaving me forever changed.

I was sad and confused. I lacked direction. I struggled with choices and made a lot of mistakes. I hurt people, including myself, with my poor choices. I desperately wanted to find happiness. I told myself I would have a better life. That one thought turned into a belief that became a conviction and changed the trajectory of my life from dysfunction to now one of celebration.

How did I get there? I began a long and highly successful financial career in Vancouver where I grew up. I eventually relocated to San Francisco to develop the California market from scratch. Thereafter, having fallen in love with a Jerseyman, I moved to London so we could be in the same time zone. Two years in a long- distance relationship with an 8-hour time difference was exhausting! Having developed highly effective communication skills, with a passion for high end financial planning, I was a rock star in my industry smashing goals and winning all sorts of awards. I relocated to Jersey when I said, ‘I do’.

After years in what some may say was a dream career I decided to move on. During my transition, I underwent a transformative process of self-realisation and re-invention. I realised that I wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of others at a profound level. To motivate, inspire and propel others into a greater version of themselves. I couldn’t imagine giving a greater gift.

Through a process of discovery, I learned that confidence is in high demand, especially for women. When we lack confidence in ourselves, we operate from a place of fear and don’t live to our true potential. It took me years to become confidently content. My mission is to lessen that timeline for others.

Confidence starts when we are clear about our unique path and know how to enhance the quality of our thoughts. Are your thoughts full of uncertainty and confusion? If you don’t like what you’re thinking, you’re probably not enjoying life so much. The truth is, you can change what you think. And when you change what you think, magic happens.

With the point being to feel great about ourselves, I created ‘The Point’ methodology, bringing a powerful set of mind tools created by some of the most insightful intellects to help you the most. I know they work because these tools helped me faster and more effectively than talk therapy ever did when I was feeling lost or depressed. Don’t get me wrong. Talk therapy is good. For me, it only worked up to a point.

When we talk about our problems we relive them in our mind’s eye again and again. Other than an emotional release, how is this serving you? I’m not here to talk about your problems with you. I’m here to show you how to detangle your thought-knots and live the life you want. ‘Thought-knots’ is my simplistic term for thoughts that make us feel bad.

Clarity of what’s important for us starts with the quality of our thoughts. If you’re not sure where you are going, how will you know when you’ve arrived? Negative patterns of thinking are often learned at an early age, often at times by our caregivers. The truth is, you can change what you think with The Point’s step-by-step process.

I believe everyone deserves to live a life full of the stuff they love. I help people to transform and discover or re-discover their mojo. Because I believe we deserve to lead fulfilling lives – lives of passion and fun! Transformation takes time, tools and intention. Once you’ve transformed there is no going back. I provide the space and tools to change. All you need is to bring your intention and do the work.

Are you serious about change? Visit Pamela’s website to find out about her workshops and to read testimonials and inspirational blog anecdotes. Pamela Pitcher is a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Practitioner of Distinction of the Indirect Method of Hypnotherapy, certified Motivational Coach, Life Coach, Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach, and Practitioner of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). She is registered with the International Coach Federation, the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of the UK, the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, The Society of NLP and The EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Academy.

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