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The trench coat has diligently earned its timeless status over the years, successfully bridging the gap between the frostier and rather more balmy months with perennial sophistication.

Vivienne Tam

Originally designed for military purposes by Thomas Burberry, its roots lie quite literally in the trenches of World War I. Once purposefully constructed from heavy-duty green gabardine fabric for our soldiers battling adverse conditions, it has undergone several cosmetic makeovers since. As we fast-forward 100 years, we see the shackles of structure synonymous with the trench coat slacken overtime to more flattering and softer textiles, shorter styles and neutral tones. In fact, the chic, camel-coloured mac we all identify to be the classic trench coat on which Burberry has since built its brand, has paved the way for many other designers alike to eagerly follow in hot pursuit. Inspired by its popular and magnetizing charm, brands have continued to place their own subtle adaptations on this iconic piece, each remembering to respectfully never stray too far from its traditional features.

Tory Burch

As its style continues to evolve, we now welcome our staple favourite back into our spring 2018 wardrobe having undergone its most refreshing and relaxed makeover to date. We’re now seeing much more fluid, billowy fabrics of almond, caramel and cream hues. Deconstructed and draped over shoulders, with the sleeves nonchalantly rolled up and sometimes unbelted for effect, the new trench crosses the borders of ‘robe’ territory for a much more laid-back vibe. This stripped-back, modern shift on the trench coat has been seen across high-end spring/ summer ‘18 runways in a bounty of buttery flowing fabrics, through from John Galliano to Maison Margiela, to Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Celine and Valentino. No longer associated as a refined and structured, preppy accomplice to work-wear, this highly flexible, aqueous-like piece has an appetite to be worn with your more casual, everyday attire.

Team yours with denim (non-fitted and high-waisted or boyfriend jeans work best for added relaxed style), rolled up to the ankle with a simple, clean, sheer white blouse. Enhance with heels and a clutch for understated glam. Don’t be afraid of alternative styles; distressed, oversized, metallic or even a simple blouson sleeve or splash of whimsical embroidery adds an unexpected twist to any outfit. Bag your updated trench for a steal at Marks and Spencer or Warehouse, or enjoy a splurge on Net-a-porter with brands such as Comme de Garcon and Joseph. Enjoy this modernized look as our beloved trench coat resiliently lives on, through a myriad of innovative new styles, breathing fresh air into its identity and our wardrobes.

Alexander Mcqueen

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