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Festival Fashion

Brave, bold and out-there fashion has become a crucial part of festival culture. Festivals like Coachella have almost become just as much about the fashion as they are about who’s headlining.

Whether you want to stand out or chill out, here are 5 quick ideas to give you some festival fashion inspiration.


Coordinated sets are everywhere this season and make dressing quick and easy. I mean, the outfit is already done! Prints such as florals, stripes and geometrics give an instant wow factor, though block colour sets look super chic and classic. If you’re going for a block colour set, choosing a brighter colour such as blue or yellow will add a bit of playfulness, while pastel pink or lilac are pretty and feminine.

Denim faves

Faithful denim will always look stylish. Shorts are an easy go-to option and are very comfy for all that dancing - choose distressed and ripped, high waisted or oversized vintage. The fashion forward key this season is to pick up on those extra design details rather than plain blue denim. Embroidery and appliqué, coloured denim, studding, fringing, lace trims – denim shorts have never been so varied. Extra style points for double denim.

Whip my hair

Braids are still super on-trend and can work on most hair types. If you can braid, twist and fish plait, your hands are gold. Colour is also one of the greatest ways to enjoy festival hair. The hair product market is full of easy wear, wash-in wash-out colours, which means you can experiment with pinks, peach, blues and more, without worrying about the expense or hassle of committing. Flowers, feathers, ribbons and glitter are all ways to add a unique element to your hair. You don’t have to be too ‘polished’ either. Think low maintenance, chunky waves or textured hair; a little bit messed up and tousled looks much more fun and relaxed.

Dress to impress

Wearing a playsuit, dress or skirt can be hit or miss at a festival, purely for practical reasons. But dresses are really versatile, so are an easy option if you’re stuck on what to wear. If in doubt, florals, stripes and tribal patterns can give a bit of extra edge as opposed to a plain, block colour dress. Maxi dresses are a brilliant option, and softer, flowy fabrics will look right at home in any festival.

Bags of fun

Want to add a little nod to 2018 trends without thinking what to wear? Bags are a great way to go. Belt bags, straw bags and bum bags have made it from the catwalks to the high street. Straw or woven bags look pretty and whimsical for the summer, and at least with a belt or bum bag, you know you’ll be hands free. On any bag, tassels, pompoms, embellishment and embroidery all add a dose of character and colour.

One of the best things about festivals, regardless of whether it’s a one-off concert or camping in a field for a few days, is the chance to experiment with your clothes, your make-up and your hair. Whichever festival you go to or whatever you wear, here’s to good weather and lots of fun!

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