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Prairie Chic

Prairie chic is one of the easiest trends to nail, or at least play around with. The versatility of the clothes, fabrics and accessories means it’ll be hard to put a foot wrong.

Speaking of feet, this look doesn’t mean you’ll need to go dusting off your cowboy boots. And it’s not about chaps, thank god. A touch of the wild west is enough to earn a fashion stripe. The prairie vibe this season is the new winter take on boho, with a touch of Americana – think earthy, rustic colours, natural fabrics and shady winter florals. It’s subtler and more undone than looking like an extra in a western movie.

Winter florals are always a key print in the later months and one of the fabulous things about prairie chic is that winter florals are given a great new twist. The high street is full of florals and nature inspired patterns, but with darker shades. If you enjoyed and wore the spring and summer florals/ pastels then this is a great way keep in your comfort zone and be on trend.

But it’s not just the florals that give a nod to the wild west style. Fringing is an obvious part of the prairie look, suede and leather skirts and trousers are plentiful and western style shirts with stitching or embroidery, smocking and rounded collars are all in. Or you could opt for a crisp white shirt with a starched pointed collar.

Isabel Marant’s ready to wear AW18 collection was a runway hit and showcased the perfect colour tones that make this trend. Earthy tones such as pale ochre, rust orange, rich caramel and dried leaf greens – it all denotes to the wild Wyoming meadows, fir forests and Rocky Mountains. As the models during her show came out to Dolly Parton’s silky southern tones of ‘Jolene’, the collection displayed some extremely covetable pieces, including thigh high leather boots in robust leather and steel capped toes.

Chloe was another great fashion house that showed how to smash the trend. They showed off embroidered quilted coats and patterned wool ponchos, high collars in rusty pink and demin blue with pretty ruffles on the shoulders. The look is a little bit worn, a little bit untamed, but oozes femininity and fight.

So whether you are going to rock a head to toe western look with leather boots and a suede fringed jacket, or go for a softer prairie princess option in a dark floral dress, or add a simple accessory (western style buckled belts are a great, simple way to inject a bit of yee-hah), this is a fun trend that everyone can get on board the wagon with.

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