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 Aeloria Therapy: A Home of Emotional Respite

Having embarked on her own journey of self-discovery and personal growth, Bronte Le Marquand founded Aeloria Therapy to help bridge the gap between public waitlists and extortionate private prices.

A study by the University of Melbourne released the alarming statistics that 10% of young adults do not make it to their 30s due to self-harm. Although these statistics are simultaneously disturbing and totally incomprehensible, this is sadly the harrowing reality of our society today.


The Mortality Statistics provided by the Government of Jersey for 2022 revealed that mental and behavioural disorders were one of the four most significant contributors to the overall rate of deaths on the island, alongside neoplasia and respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. Together, these causes accounted for four in five (74%) of all deaths in 2022, 8% of which were due to mental and behavioural disorders.


What can be done to combat these statistics, given the never-ending rise of the digital age, the limitless resources accessible to young adults on social media, and a magnitude of additional external factors?


The dichotomy of private practice, as opposed to public practice, leaves many wondering where and who to turn to. On the one hand, despite their best efforts, the public sector can have wait lists of up to 6 months, which isn’t feasible for some. Once we are allocated our long-awaited ‘slot’ for our desired therapy, we are left with little autonomy as to who we are assigned to. From my own experience, having waited months for the relevant support, I was disheartened to learn that I not only lacked rapport with my therapist but also did not benefit from their tick-box approach. In the same breath, there are concerns about how those waiting on these lists cope during this time.


I have always been fortunate to confide in my family and close friends, but support systems might only be present for some. Of course, it goes without saying that charities such as Samaritans, Mind, Brighter Futures, and JAYF, to name a few, are invaluable pillars of support for thousands of individuals. However, I suppose the question is how we can give young adults that “right-hand man” and tailored support?


On the other hand, although private practice offers the immediate accessibility that the public sector cannot promise, it comes at a cost. More often than not, the rates of private practice naturally limit its own accessibility, in turn leaving it a financially feasible option for the minority. The media have glamorised private practice for years, unlike how public practice has been repeatedly ill-depicted. By way of example, it seems far more attractive to be Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City with her ‘celebrity shrink’ psychotherapist, which serves as her ‘very expensive foster care’, as opposed to the public practice institutions depicted in the iconic One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Girl Interrupted.


Regardless, it seems perplexing that even though mental health comes without prejudice or discrimination, in a way, the lack of options in between public and private practice fuels this.


Therefore, it begs the question, how can something so crucial leave us completely stuck between a rock and a hard place?


There is a desperate need for relatable, accessible and affordable services that balance the desirable elements of private and public practices. Our options shouldn’t be reduced to grinning and bearing increasing waitlists, nor should one feel they need to surrender to a financial commitment beyond their means. This is why I created Aeloria Therapy, a home of emotional respite that is economically modest and available for those like myself who have felt caught in the middle. Everyone deserves to have autonomy over their mental health and know that despite their circumstances, they are entitled to the best support as much as the next person.


About Bronte

I’m Bronte, a globally accredited Transformational Life Coach (ICF approved) and Psychotherapist (in training with Human Givens Institute).


Having navigated through the challenges of grief, severe anxiety and burnout several years ago, I embarked on my own journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It became apparent to me that I required a powerful combination of transformative tools, personalised coaching and evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy to help me move forward. After just six sessions, I couldn’t quite believe the radical shift I felt both mentally and physically.


Having witnessed the impact of coaching, I decided to train with Animas Centre of Coaching, the UK’s leading coaching school. I am also currently training towards my accredited diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling with the globally recognised Human Givens Institute (HGI).  After completing my Accredited Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching, I created Aeloria Therapy. Aeloria Therapy is a methodology carefully curated to embody compassion-focused therapy, tailored life coaching, evidence-based tools, and a unique support package personalised to help you achieve your goals. I aim to help my clients feel empowered, confident, and heard, coaching them in a way that encompasses the fundamentals of human connection in a light-hearted, trusting and open space. The techniques I have developed over time have been successful in helping my clients improve their lives drastically as we have worked through their challenges together.

If you are curious about how I can best support you, please email me at to book a complimentary session.

Client Feedback:

‘I had coaching sessions with Bronte for four months. She offers coaching in several areas, but in my case, we focused on my personal development. Bronte guided me patiently and encouraged and supported me in reaching some goals that I was finding difficult at the time. She has a very compassionate approach, and she genuinely celebrated my achievements with me, which helped me enormously at a very difficult period in my life.’


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