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Combining coffee, art and music

The Merchants, a community focused coffee shop gallery, is fast becoming the go-to space to hang out.

Born from a love of coffee, art and music, The Merchants is the brainchild of James Grant. Opening its doors in May 2022, the initial concept was to offer a relaxed place to hang out, enjoy good coffee and a space for local creatives to thrive.

When you walk through the doors at The Merchants, you'll first notice the vibrant array of artworks covering the walls. The art you see is all available to purchase, with collections rotating to showcase various pieces from well-renowned international artists and locally based artists. 'When I was growing up, there wasn't the opportunity to exhibit in Jersey, and even now, unless you're already somewhat established. I want budding artists and musicians to have a platform to showcase their work and provide them with that steppingstone."

Instead of focusing on just coffee, or alcohol, The Merchants has established itself as a space in the middle. "Just around the corner, there's a couple of pubs, a cocktail bar and a wine bar, so we don't want to just focus on alcohol; however, if somebody wants to enjoy a beer whilst their friend sips on matcha, that's cool with us."

The space is evolving and feeding off what people want.

Every Saturday night, The Merchants is open until 9pm, where you can hang out, enjoy live music and sample their creative serves - including The Vodka Pip - a blend of Vodka, Pip Juice, Paprika and a secret ingredient!

The Merchants regularly hosts workshops and experiences, allowing islanders to hone in on their creativity. They've hosted poetry readings, VR film experiences, and songwriting workshops in the last couple of months. The Sketch Club has proved very popular and welcomes all abilities.

Not forgetting the kids, the back room is an early development space with the materials to create their masterpieces, including stacks of paper and a giant blackboard wall.

The Merchants has just celebrated its first birthday, but is James happy with what he has achieved so far? "Experiencing speciality coffee shops and galleries across Europe, I had a clear picture of what I wanted the space to be, but with Jersey being such a beautiful and unique place, I was surprised at how that vision has gone. The space is evolving and feeding off what people want, and it's created something so much more enjoyable than I could have imagined."

Follow The Merchants on Instagram and watch for future events and workshops.


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