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Crystals: More than just beautiful

Joelle Wallser, founder of The Rising Signs, talks us through some of the most powerful crystals on the market.


Welcome to the new stone age, where beautiful energy is abundant!

The world over, more and more people are embracing age-old mystical practices as go-to solutions for looking and feeling great. The rise in popularity within this booming part of the wellness and beauty industry is staggering. Have you tried yoga? Had a go at meditation or experienced a feeling of knowing (psychic vibes)? Do you read your stars or collect healing crystals? Treat yourself to a gua sha crystal face massage? Maybe you’ve watched Marie Kondo on Netflix or read The Celestine Prophecy? These exercises, pursuits and activities are all based on mystical practices. If you said yes to any of those questions, you are playing a part in the renaissance of the mystical services industry.

Modern mystics will be a big deal this year, with alternative beauty and wellness practices making it to the forefront of the mainstream. Pinterest reports a 100% increase for searches on protection crystals, for instance, as well as a 105 per cent increase in manifestation techniques – practices or daily rituals to help achieve your dreams and goals.

Being witchy has never been more normal. Not to infer that people are hexing their enemies and casting spells, but certainly, there’s a rise of the white witch with women being more aligned now to mystical services than ever before. The stigmas are less (witches are obviously no longer burned at the stake), the need is greater (the world is mental), and people are searching for a better way of life (hurrah!).

"Pinterest reports a 100% increase for searches on protection crystals."

Crystals sit at the beating heart of mystical wellness, borne from the original Stone Age, when humans had to trust their intuition, live off the land and believe in energy as a force to be reckoned with. Using energy enriching gems, humans found power within their beauty and have continued to collect, use and wear them in all manner of rituals and ceremonies.

Whilst crystals and their healing properties have been around for thousands of years, in the last decade or so, they’ve been making a massive come back. It’s no wonder that the popularity of this beautiful earth-created treasure is finding its way into millions of pockets, bras, baths and bedside tables.

Of course, crystals can be tucked away or indeed, you can wear them front and centre. We’ve taken a quick look at some of the most powerful stones on the market and whether they come ‘tumbled’ (pocket-sized pieces), or in pendants or earrings or dangled on chains… Crystals are treasure, and they do more than just look good.



Introducing the absolute don of healing properties. Amethyst is possibly one of the most popular crystals on earth… Known for its mega healing and power of positivity, this stone resonates with the third eye chakra and enables focus and a fresh perspective. Controversially, these pieces of purple preciousness absorb and emit far-infrared radiation, which can contribute to easing pain. Carry or wear amethyst to optimum health and wellness.

Ocean Kambaba Jasper - Tumbled

Ocean Kambaba Jasper - Tumbled

Are you rocking through a rut and trying to find your groove? This grounding stone is ideal for removing energy blockages and enabling change and progression. Resonating with the root and heart chakras, Ocean Kambaba Jasper gives your aura a rejuvenation and opens you up to new directions and the potential you have within you. Allow this gorgeous green stone to help with the ebbs and flows of life.

Labradorite - Jewellery

A bend in the road is only the end of the road if you forget to turn. With a labradorite crystal, you’ll find strength in transformation and power in change. With its deep spectrum of colour, Labradorite cuts a strong figure for smoothing out experiences, encouraging you to reach for the stars. Resonating with your throat chakra, Labradorite is possibly your BFF in crystal form. Take it or wear it everywhere.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Speak up, sista! If the cat’s got your tongue or you’re a worrier when it comes to words and getting your point across, lapis lazuli is for you. This beautiful stone evokes wisdom and truth and, of course, resonates with your throat chakra. If you’ve got a tricky convo to have, then wear a Lapis pendant when the time comes to talk.



Got your eye on those new season Louboutins? Need to boost your bank account or bring in some extra dollar? Citrine is your stone. This golden yellow crystal is renowned for making dreams come true and is even used by Wall Street traders, whose tailors commonly stitch a small piece within the hemline of their suits to encourage booming profits. It starts with the solar plexus chakra and resonates with self-belief and positivity. Pop a piece of citrine in your purse or wallet and manifest more money.


A prism of power, fluorite’s energy is full of heart. Its other-worldly colour spectrum makes this treasure a stunning piece for any home, and whilst it looks beautiful, it’s also a fantastic cleanser and stabiliser, neutralising negativity like a boss. Add this crystal to your collection for inner-peace and positivity. This stone resonates with the heart and head, and this duality creates the kind of balance we could all use in our lives.


Bad vibes, be gone! If you’re looking for a forcefield to block negative energy, look no further. Selenite is a powerful crystal for warding off negative energy and can be used as a tool to cleanse other gems. This queen of crystals is a crown chakra superstar and helps open up your third-eye (so you can best see any bad vibes coming your way!). Selenite is an absolute necessity - straight-up fact.

Tiger’s Eye

With the eye of the tiger, you can count yourself confident. Trust in the tiger’s eye for vitality and fortitude. A fantastic support in the arena of physical action, go for this stone if you’re gearing up for a PT session or getting those 10k steps in per day. Resonating with the solar plexus chakra, Tiger’s eye holds profound power in boosting your self-esteem. You’ll stride into an interview and own that presentation at work with one of these in your pocket.

The Rising Signs

The Rising Signs is an online hub of energy-conscious content, mystical ritual tools and events aimed at inspiring the energy inquisitive. Joined by some of the finest local astrologers, light-workers and healers, they’ll be up-levelling the conversation on sacred self-care and clarifying the message about raising your vibration. This platform has been developed to give a voice to budding healers, white witches, clairvoyants and more, sign up to The Rising Signs newsletter and get their free new and full moon readings every month, as well as a host of other fabulous content and products.


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