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Following in his father's footsteps...

George Willgrass

Born the son of a jeweller, it was inevitable that George Willgrass would follow in the footsteps of his father; Anthony Willgrass and grandfather Sidney Willgrass. By using social media, videos and blogs, George hopes to pursue the jewellery trade in a more modern-day form.

By using suppliers and manufacturers related to his father's business, George has been able to source and supply high-end watches and jewellery to his friends and colleagues worldwide. "I have travelled a lot over the past two years and met a lot of high net worth individuals in different fields. Most recently I spent time in Dubai and met one of the most prestigious jewellers in the world who was happy to offer advice about networking and building relationships."

Having attended Millfield Prep and Millfield School, George was introduced to fellow pupils of different backgrounds, nationalities and cultures, many of whom he still sees regularly.

Excitingly, George has sourced an exclusive brand of handmade jewellery from Paris "Atelier Paulin" which is available from Stott and Willgrass. The brand is extremely appealing to all clientele with prices ranging from £100 up to £5000 plus. "All items can be made in 14ct rose and yellow gold and 18ct rose and yellow gold. The unique concept of Atelier Paulin is that we are able to hand-make bespoke items such as necklaces, bracelets and rings for requested specifications. The most popular request being names, initials and symbols entwined on the item. The pieces make for perfect presents, whether you're looking for a friend, partner or parent - they are also great for wedding and christening presents. In addition, precious stones can be added to enhance a particular item and make it exclusive to the individual."

A range of products are available at Stott and Willgrass, York Street, as well as special orders for bespoke items and collections.


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