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"If man can have it all, he would. So together, let’s stop him."

Shelljon is a Local Organic Bamboo clothing outlet, creating t-shirts, dresses, shorts, trousers, and organic ecological apparel.

It took nearly 4 years for Owner Jon Morgan (Shelljon), to establish and find a ‘Fair’ farm and producer to fit his criteria. The most important aspect of this would be ethical working conditions for the creation of his garments. Jon visited many farms and producers around South East Asia to search for a farm he felt most appropriate for his visions. He eventually found what he had been looking for in Bali, Indonesia.

Shelljon’s chosen producer and now a dear friend is a phenomenal ethical manufacturer who gives his workers - holiday pay, sickness benefit, provides air conditioning In his workrooms and buys plots of land for the workers to build their own houses on. This unfortunately, is rare in this particular part of the world.

Using only organic, sustainable and ethically traded materials and inks, Shelljon strive to provide an alternative to high-street clothing brands for the benefit of the planet. We all know quality always lasts longer and ethical practises cost more. Bearing this in mind, the prices are reasonable when compared to high street fast-fashion.

One of the obvious loving factors for bamboo clothing is the comfort, softness and pure freeness the material gives you and your soul. Bamboo is anti-bacterial, UV protective, temperature controlling, moisture managing and most of all - kind to skin.

What makes Shelljon super ‘slow’ and quirky is the fact everything is ‘print on demand’. This means they only print a Tee when one has been ordered - so minimal waste and totally unique to you!

Shelljon have hundreds of custom designed prints created by the family unit and featuring Local and International Artists.

The array of designs are inspired by Music, Arts, Spirituality and Culture.... and the list goes on. Customers can browse through pages of original designs. To make it more personal for shoppers, you also have the option to decide how the print is positioned on your T-shirt with a cool “DIY Build your own T-shirt” application on the site (check out the website to try for yourself!)

Shelljon supports Fair Trade and are ‘GoGreen' certified; As well, 10% of all profits go to environmental charities. Awesome!

In line with their ethics, Shelljon is online, so it is more carbon friendly. You may spot Shelljon at some local markets this summer, spreading awareness of the importance of slow fashion. n

Explore the website and grow your eco wardrobe at


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