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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, also known as 'the vampire facial', is now available with Chloe Taylor at Confidence Aesthetics

This summer, Confidence Aesthetics are bringing you PRP therapy – Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy. The treatment is also known as the "vampire facial" and has received so much attention that it may seem like we've finally found the fountain of youth.

PRP is a minimally invasive treatment using the patient's blood to stimulate cell growth and regeneration. The blood is drawn, processed in a centrifuge to extract the plasma, which is enriched with platelets and growth factors, and then it is injected into the scalp or facial skin. Orthopaedic surgeons use PRP to help athletes recover more quickly after an injury.

At Confidence Aesthetic, Chloe Taylor (Facial Aesthetic Practitioner) provides PRP treatment for hair regeneration and as a preventative treatment for ageing skin.

It may seem like we've finally found the fountain of youth.

PRP for hair is a treatment that helps to restore hair growth in individuals with hair loss or thinning. By injecting the PRP into the scalp, it promotes natural hair growth by stimulating stem cells and encouraging blood flow to the hair follicles. The growth factors in the plasma stimulate the hair follicle cells to promote new hair growth and repair damaged hair. PRP for hair is a safe and effective treatment. It suits people with early hair loss or thinning, hair loss due to stress, genetic factors, and alopecia.

PRP for the face is designed to boost your skin's natural healing process for a more youthful appearance. The plasma from the patient's blood is injected or micro-needled into the facial tissue, stimulating collagen production and cell renewal. This results in firmer, tighter, and smoother skin. It is also effective in reducing fine lines, wrinkles and improving the skin's overall texture.

PRP for the face can help to reverse the damage caused to the skin due to environmental factors, sun exposure, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. It is best suited for people with visible signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin, age spots and pigmentation, and acne scars.


1. Blood drawn: You would have a small amount of blood (about 2 to 4 tablespoons) drawn from your arm.

2. Blood taken to lab: The test tube containing your blood would be placed in a medical device called a centrifuge, which separates your blood into layers. One of these layers contains a high concentration of platelets.

3. Blood injected: Facial Aesthetic Practitioner injects the blood that contains the high concentration of platelets into your face or scalp, using a syringe. Afterwards, the practitioner will use micro-needling to promote cell renewal.

About Confidence Aesthetics

Confidence Aesthetics are a Jersey based facial aesthetic and dental practice that offers the safest and widest range of modern treatments. They aim to provide the highest standards of care and prie themselves on delivering only the best and most innovative treatments, whether it is for dentistry or non-surgical treatments for face and body. The team members are fully qualified and have great experience in providing high levels of patient care.

As well as PRP Therapy, they also offer a range of non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments such as injectable cosmetics for wrinkle relaxants, therapeutic injectables dermal fillers, skinboosters and Profhilo. They also provide scientifically and clinically proven skin treatments such as WOW Fusion facials, Dermafix auto-needling therapy, Cutis Lift and LED light therapy and more.

Confidence Dental & Wellbeing, Millais House, Castle Quay

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