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Realising your design vision with style and substance

Two interior designers walk into a bar...

...and transform it into a contemporary co-working space


The slower pace of an enriching island life shines through the innovative renovation by boutique studio Interiors by Pebble - led by the team behind lifestyle store Pebble Home & Lifestyle - as they unveil their design showcase: The Cultured, a luxury co-working space and exclusive members’ club based in Jersey, Channel Islands.


Over the course of four-and-a-half months, Interiors by Pebble oversaw the entire transformation of The Cultured from a former cocktail bar into an elevated and intentional co-working space. With sustainable materials and local craftspeople utilised throughout, the project embodies the design studio’s commitment to both style and substance.


Influenced by international ideas of slow living which prioritise comfort and wellbeing, ‘wabi-sabi’ (Japan) and ‘hygge’ (Denmark), the design concept undulates between softness and sophistication, mirroring the dual function of The Cultured as both a place to work and unwind. This is achieved by the blending of organic and geometric details to create a haven of earthy tones, contemporary accents, and natural textures.


Led by the studio’s Owner Clare Clarke and Commercial Interior Designer Nicola Langlois, Interiors by Pebble worked closely with Founder of The Cultured Benjamin Strange throughout the renovation.


Tour the space...

You ascend a statement-lit staircase to the first floor which leads to the Shallow Work and Hydration Area, a flexible room which can transform to cater to the versatile needs of the space. From collaborative informal co-working, workshops or socialising during events, the furniture can be easily re-arranged or packed away depending on what’s required.


The organic texture of the limewashed walls on this floor add a rugged, casual quality to the sleek space, all whilst being a completely anti-bacterial, vegan and eco-friendly material. Next door, a Socialised Working space boasts statement banquette seating for breakout chats, downtime and creative conversations.


Upstairs, you enter the Deep Focus work area – aided by the superior sound proofing of the LVT flooring used throughout, this is a dedicated quiet zone for zero distraction working.


And finally, complete with a bespoke wood panelled statement wall, a large round table for discussions and a Smart TV screen for presentations, the Meeting Room is the ideal space for more formal discussions.


Commenting on the design concept, Clare said: “It’s not often that you get to work on a project where the design is completely fundamental to changing the entire function of the space. Nicola and I had a really clear vision from the start, which was luxurious but also calming, playful and reflective – somewhere you go for both focus and fun. Playing with bespoke lighting accents became really central to our entire design. This brought a level of precision and radiance that brought the whole space together.”


Founder of The Cultured, Benji added: “The Cultured is a place where luxury and authenticity collide, and the design concept delivered by Interiors by Pebble really speaks to that. It has been an incredible experience working with the Pebble team. They completely understood my vision right from the beginning and, even though we were working to a tight timeframe, I was so impressed with how efficiently and creatively they approached the project.”


Interiors by Pebble worked with Andy Le Gresley, a local lifestyle photographer, whose eye for detail and masterful understanding of light and space captured the project beautifully at every stage of the renovation.


If you’re interested in finding out more about Interiors by Pebble, why not book a free design tour of The Cultured Lounge with us? Whether you're at the design, build or finishing stage, get in touch today to find out more.

01534 736449


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