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Review: TriPollar Stop Eye Rejuvenation Device

According to TriPollar, the innovative Stop Eye Rejuvenation Device provides safe and effective softening and improvement of skin lines and texture in the delicate areas around the eyes and the lips. It reduces and tightens fine lines like crow's feet and provides an overall lifting effect to these areas. By employing focused RF energy at just the right level, TriPollar Stop Eye ensures visible improvement that is safe and effective.

Sarah Sacriste, Voisins Head of Marketing, and Louise Perkes, Voisins Menswear and Accessories Buyer, tried the TriPollar Stop Eye to see if it lived up to the hype...


I wanted to try this because many at-home treatments are not suitable for the delicate areas of your face. As a new mum, I feel my eyes always look tired and more fine lines seem to appear daily, so this was a big selling point for me.


I saw someone using this product on TikTok, and it sculpted her face – she looked brighter, fresher and had more cheekbone definition within a few uses, so I was first in the queue to trial this!

How to use the product...

L: You need to cleanse your face first (don't do this on top of makeup), apply a gel that is provided with the product to the area and then place the electrodes against the skin and apply slight pressure, moving the device in a slow-motion for up to 4 minutes per area.

S: The device starts to get warm but not uncomfortable, and it's quite relaxing. You do need to commit to doing it, though, as you will see the best results if you do it 2-4 times a week for a 6–8-week period. Then after that, just a couple of times a month for a top-up if needed.

What were your initial thoughts?

S: I found it really relaxing to use, especially as it is warm. After dinner, I cleansed my face and did the treatment whilst watching TV on the sofa. It doesn't make any noise so it won't disturb you. The first time I used it, I got a bit of a shock as the areas I had treated were a bit red, but they weren't sore, and it went down after a few minutes.

L: I was slightly nervous to try this, as the eye area is extremely delicate. Once I started, however, the warming sensation felt lovely, and it made the under-eye area feel smooth straightaway. I travel a lot, and the compact design means I can take it wherever I go.

Have you noticed a difference?

S: I didn't notice a physical difference in terms of reducing fine lines until after a few goes, but I did get someone saying my skin looked fresh and bright after just two uses. As I mentioned, I will sit in front of my mirror and scrutinise, so I'm a tough judge, but I can see a considerable difference in the under-eye area, which looks brighter and less lined after only a few weeks.

L: I have only used the product 4 times, but I have noticed a difference in my fine lines. My skin certainly feels refreshed, and I look less tired in the eye area.

How does it compare to other products?

S: I have only ever tried a Clarisonic device before, which is more for cleansing. It is hard to compare as they don't do the same job, but the Clarisonic is not relaxing to use, it makes noise, and you can't use it from the sofa. Also, Clarisonic, whilst deep cleansing, did feel quite harsh, so it always left my skin feeling tight and dry, whereas the Tripollar left it feeling soft and smooth.

Does it live up to the hype?

S: I would say yes. But also, only invest in this product if you're going to invest the time into it. For long-term, long-lasting results, you need to do the 6-8 weeks and commit to doing it 2-3 times a week, so if you know you won't bother for that long, then this is not for you. But if you're passionate about skincare and, more specifically, beauty-tech, then this would be a great tool to have. I love beauty products, even just relaxing with a sheet mask in the evening or some under-eye patches while having my morning coffee, so I was willing to put the time into this and see the results.

L: I would definitely recommend it; it's easy to use, relaxing and portable. It is quite pricey, so you need to be committed to using it as directed. I look forward to seeing the results after 8 weeks.

The TriPollar Stop Eye Rejuvenation Device, £195, is available from the Tech Bar at Voisins Department Store


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