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Sister2Sister: A boutique where every item tells a story

Siobhan Ramskill is the face behind preloved boutique, Sister2Sister. Her philosophy is simple: fashion should be sustainable, affordable, and most importantly, it should tell a story.


Siobhan Ramskill (known as Shivy), the heart and soul behind Sister2Sister, brings her passion for quality to her 'home of preloved fashion', here in the heart of St Helier. Hailing from a small town in Tipperary, Ireland, Shivy’s journey in retail began early, laying the foundation for her keen eye for quality and style. Her move to Jersey, originally planned as a short-term adventure, blossomed into a 26-year love affair with the island and its vibrant community.


Driven by a love for "nice things," Shivy embarked on her entrepreneurial journey driven by her personal preference for quality over quantity. Her philosophy is simple: fashion should be sustainable, affordable, and most importantly, it should tell a story. This belief, coupled with her love for preloved items, whether it's furniture, accessories, or clothing, laid the foundation for Sister2Sister. Her boutique reflects her personal style - traditional with a twist, not overly fancy, yet distinct and tasteful.

 The name Sister2Sister was inspired by the clothes swapping she enjoyed with her sister Grainne, symbolising the transfer of love and style from one person to another.


Shivy's approach to business is deeply rooted in values like authenticity, trust, and confidentiality, ensuring her clients feel valued and respected. Her story is one of passion and resilience. Sister2Sister isn't just about preloved; it's about stories, memories, and the joy of finding something special.


Shivy has created more than a boutique; she's created a community where fashion is not just worn, but also cherished and shared. Shivy is passionate about sustainability and believes buying preloved is a step towards reducing waste and promoting a more ethical fashion industry. It’s not just about style; it’s about making a statement for the environment.


The boutique is a treasure trove of high-quality, preloved items. From chic dresses to elegant accessories, each item in the collection is handpicked by Shivy for its quality, style, and the story it carries. Visit Sister2Sister and discover the joy of finding something truly special. Be part of a sustainable, circular fashion movement where every purchase is a step towards a more stylish and environmentally conscious world.


Sister2Sister, 2 York Street, St Helier

Contact Shivy on 07797 777232 or email

FB & Instagram: @Sister2sisterjersey


Are you ready to give your cherished pieces a new lease of life?


How it works:

1. Assessment and selection. Contact Shivy via WhatsApp or email with images of your items. Going off the current fashion market, Shivy will assess the pieces for uniqueness, quality, and condition.

2. Pricing. Working together, you’ll set a fair and appealing price, balancing the value of your items with market demand.

3. Display and sale. Items will be elegantly displayed in the boutique, ready to catch the eye of their new owners.

4. Payment. Once your item sells, you’ll receive your share with transparent and straightforward payment terms.


Some of our popular brands include Me + Em, Rixo, Ganni, Chanel, Isabel Marant and Reiss.



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