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Skincare with a difference

Gaia&Moon, a local soap and skincare business, produce homemade products with sustainability & green issues at the core of its ethics.

After struggling to find a locally produced, palm oil-free, vegan soap, Natalie, founder of Gaia&Moon, realised a gap in the local market.

"I started Gaia&Moon when my youngest son was a baby. I felt I needed something to focus on as I had struggled with my mental health in the past, post pregnancy, and knew a creative outlet would help me.

"I have a very keen interest in plants and their potential to heal and improve our whole selves, and having always made soaps and skincare for friends and family; I decided to turn my hobby into a business."

Always looking for ways to be that little more waste-free and sustainable, Natalie loves incorporating local Genuine Jersey produce into her products. "I make a gorgeous soap that leaves my skin silky soft using the 'silk waste' from locally grown sweetcorn. I also save up our carrot peelings and use that to make a carrot juice which I then incorporate into my lemon & calendula soap to give it its beautiful yellow colour.

"Along with vegetables, the only colours I use come from ground flower petals, plant roots and earth clays, whilst I only ever use pure essential oils to scent my products."

Jersey has an excellent, growing support network for eco, sustainable businesses, and Natalie says connecting with like-minded companies has been very inspiring.

"Jersey Hemp produce an incredible rich oil which is used in all my body/ hair oils & all soaps. My new exfoliating, cedarwood body soap even contains crushed local hemp seeds!"

Gaia&moon are proudly plastic-free, using only sustainably grown ingredients, which are always palm oil-free and vegan. All packaging is recyclable, compostable or reuseable with the option of refilling.

You can find Gaia&Moon stocked in Harriet&Rose, Scoop, Kearth, Jersey Hemp, ChiChi & Le Quesne's Garden Centre. Follow Gaia&Moon for updates on Christmas markets.

Facebook: Gaia&Moon- Botanical soapery

Instagram: @gaiamoonbotanicalsoapery


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