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Tales of Alchemy

When time, energy and nature come together, all manner of journeys can unfold… More importantly, unique stories and tales can be told. Welcome to Tales of Alchemy.

Tales of Alchemy is an artisanal perfumery that produces scents unlike any other.

Not just inspired by nature, this hand-made perfume is the bottled bounty of nature in its purest form.

Tales of Alchemy’s first slow perfume was recently released by way of a small inaugural batch. The first fragrance is entitled, ‘Caravan’ - its deep, rich scent aptly conveys curiousness and discovery, beauty and seduction; blending androgynous notes and raw elements to make a gender-free, pure Extrait de Parfum. Indeed, anyone can wear it, but that is not to say that this perfume is ‘for everyone’ because this is not the same as buying, or wearing a mainstream scent.

Caravan, like all Tales of Alchemy perfumes to come, is deliberately designed to be different. Every batch is mindfully and skilfully made to enhance how you feel; harnessing the deep, aromatic benefits from wholly natural and raw materials.

The process is slow, the perfume takes its time - like nature itself.

Unlike the restrictions faced by the big perfume houses, who need additives and synthetic versions of scents in order to mass-produce… Tales of Alchemy sources and uses only the finest, premium natural ingredients - elixirs and tinctures and essential oils that make for magical potential through alchemy, energy and of course, time. Hence the small batch releases and genuine individuality attributed to each and every bottle.

Established by independent alchemist and perfumer, Daisy Fernandes, Tales of Alchemy marks the start of the next chapter in an exciting olfactive journey. Creating scents that are completely natural, hand-made with intention and using ethically and consciously sourced ingredients. Tales of Alchemy stems from Daisy’s very own magical process of transformation, creation and combination of everything natural.

The process is slow, the perfume takes its time - like nature itself. With the world working at a pace that usually means a heavy reliance on automation, technology, artificial ingredients and a plundering of resources; what a joy to be able to bottle something so real and natural; so wonderfully pure and unique.

Having created the popular brand, KOTA Candles some ten years ago, Daisy has always practiced the fine art of fragrance creation. Opening up a new and invigorating sensorial world, Tales of Alchemy intends to share olfactory life landscapes and evolving stories through perfume.

Always celebrating rarity.

Always honouring nature.

If you are seeking a new and distinctive scent; something that sings of delicate high notes boldly striding atop earthy, warm and nostalgic accords - treat yourself to a bottle of Caravan - breathe deep and be bold.

In order to find out more from Tales of Alchemy, follow @talesofalchemy - there’s news about a delicate new scent on the horizon. You can go to the website to buy online, or pick up a bottle of Caravan from Manna at West Centre, or from The Journey holistic beauty studio, which is up at David Hick.


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