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The Diary of a Sober Sister: Good vibrations

Apologies for the lack of communication, but I have been busy. Last year I gave Amélie, my gift and homeware store, a glow-up. My vibration was high, I had good energy, and I hopped, skipped, and danced through the whole project. I'm kidding. Yes, the job had its ups and downs - but on the whole, it did go smoothly and was a positive experience which was due, in no small part, to having binned the booze, but - and hear me out on this - to a lesser extent just may have also been down to the fact that I have joined the thousands of people who are jumping onto the crystals trend.

They have been around since the planet began and have played a part in protection and health since the beginning of humankind, and may rebalance your body's energy planes to provide focus, positivity and clarity. So what is it about this massive trend? Why are crystals having a moment?


"Popped into a cute little shop selling crystals. I never thought about this before, but they seem quite popular at the moment, so I bought myself a green Aventurine pendant point. It's said to be one of the luckiest crystals of all. Aventurine brings prosperity and leadership. It also helps you to find your true voice and to be heard. I just went for it because it's my favourite colour.

Back at home, I'm checking out what crystals are good for, and I realise a quicker search would be what aren't they good for? Discovering that they really help with positivity and helping to clear the body of negative energy. This is fun! Oh god, here I go again - my latest obsession."


"Still reeling from just how well the new shop has done. Rebranded, shop-fitted and trading on 21st October, having only signed the lease on 30th August. Could it be the Power of the Crystal? No sister, it's the Power of Me! I wouldn't have had the energy or self-confidence a couple of years ago to undertake something like this, but because I chose to make a big change, it changed my outlook, and so thank you to the world of crystal-wearing, sage-smudging and chakra unblocking, that I never knew existed!"

More and more, words like "manifesting, chakra, healing, and vibe" have started to creep into our vocabulary. Like many others, I'm all up for this because it is cool, harmless and fun. A quick search will tell you that there is a crystal out there for every possible problem, whether it be matters of the mind, body or soul; what's more, they don't give you a hangover! Wearing a crystal, but even more so giving a loved one a crystal, shows you care and want to help ease a hurt or trouble, and that's got to be a lovely thing.

Crystals haven't turned me into someone I am not, they won't cure my recurring health anxiety or take away the melancholy that swoops down from time to time, nor will they stop me from sometimes being a grot bag to live with (sorry, you-know-who). There is no scientific evidence that they work, but who cares? They aren't a silver bullet or a cure-all for the myriad of issues that each and every one of us has to navigate our way through, but they are certainly a welcome and rather beautiful distraction and one that I will continue to grab with both hands.


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