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Turning the tide on ocean plastic... One step at a time

"The whole of the eco-systems of the world are based on a healthy ocean and if that part of the planet becomes dysfunctional , goes wrong, then the whole of life on this planet will suffer.” - Sir David Attenborough

The world is facing an environmental catastrophe of seismic proportions that, unless urgent action is taken, will cause irreversible damage to our way of life and lead to the eventual destruction of our planet and the natural habitats of every living thing that calls earth its home. The impact of plastic waste polluting our oceans, suffocating eco-systems and threatening the existence of vital plants and sea-life is petrifying and things need to change, now.

Ocean Refresh

Ocean Refresh is one company that has dedicated its entire business to the cause of bringing about a transformation of how we free the oceans of plastic waste, whilst

continuing to meet the demand for

sustainable fashion.

Ocean Refresh is a brand on a mission. Their vision is to remove 2 million bottles from our oceans by 2022, to help make a positive and long-lasting impact for all living creatures. In order to achieve this huge challenge, their founder and CEO Bernardo Pedroso devised an ingenious way to use human consumption as a tool to help people transform their behaviour and educate them on the importance of looking after our oceans. Bernardo has created Ocean Refresh, a unique and fantastic range of sustainable footwear with contemporary designs, manufactured entirely from the plastic waste reclaimed from our coastlines.

Ocean Refresh


The launch of the Spring/Summer ’21 Ocean Refresh flip-flop collection is their first big step on this journey. They are this year’s must have summer essential, as every pair of Ocean Refresh flip-flops is made from up to 1kg of ocean plastic waste, including up to 24 single use bottles!

Available in a six vibrant and eye-catching colours; Starfish Pink, Ocean Blue, Lava Black, Royal Navy, Coral Red, Crystal White and Dune Yellow, these uber-comfortable, eco-conscious flip-flops give women the opportunity to express their individuality, whilst actively taking action to reduce the impact of plastic

pollution to oceanic eco-systems, sea-life and the wider implications of this on the planet.

Utilising their patented OceaTex™ top soles made from 100% recycled materials sourced from the coastline, every pair of Ocean Refresh flip-flops is lovingly hand made without compromise on design or quality.

Ocean Refresh


Made from all organic and natural materials and 100% Vegan, their unique OceaTex™ 'noodle’ lightweight microstructure lining is really true to their core. Revolutionary in design, these ‘noodles’ cushion and massage your feet while eliminating fungi and bacterial odours. The design gives extra comfort and is complemented by a durable and long lasting anti-abrasive sole.

• Made from Organic & Natural Materials

• 100% Vegan

• Slim Fit Sole

• 100% Recyclable

• Non Slip and Water Resistant

• Lightweight ‘Noodle’ Microstructure

• Cushioned & Massaging

• Anti Abrasive - Outsoles do not mark any type of surface

• Anti Bacterial

Women’s Available in sizes:

•4 - 5

•6 - 7

•7.5 - 8

RRP: £24.99


Ocean Refresh wants to help everyone reduce waste and their shoes are the first step. They have created a 360º Programme for all their customers to send well-loved pairs of Ocean Refresh shoes back to them to be recycled and offering 15% off the next pair.


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