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Tweakments: Questions you should ask

Julie Naidu shares her expert advice on questions you should ask when considering facial aesthetics.


When considering any aesthetic treatment, there are some important facts to find out in order to give you the correct treatment and fulfil your expectations.


Firstly, it’s essential to choose a qualified and credible aesthetic practitioner for your treatment, consider their education level, professional certifications and particularly their experience in the field.


Julie Naidu RGN LNP NMC has been in the world of Aesthetics for 25 years at The Laser Centre and knows only too well how important it is to deliver the treatment that will give you the result you wish to achieve.


You need to be sure you're going to have a comprehensive consultation which would involve full medical history being taken and a discussion about your treatment goals, expectations and desired outcomes so that a tailor made treatment plan can be made for you.


Don’t be afraid to ask what products and brands are used, and ask to see the product that you are going to receive as there are now hundreds of products on the aesthetic market that don’t always deliver what they promise, for example there are now half a dozen different brands of wrinkle relaxing injections some of which are cheaper, so ask to see which one you are having and make sure it is the most proven and reputable.


Make sure you are happy with the treatment procedure you are going to receive, how it will feel, what are the side effects, the expected outcome, any downtime and how long the results should last.


Is your practitioner regulated by a governing body such as the NMC? Are they going to be around and available should you have any questions or need to check up during the coming days or weeks after treatment? Cost is always important and will be discussed during consultation. The cheapest is not the best. Tried and tested “tweakments” are very safe when delivered by a good practitioner but remember there are still no restrictions in Jersey or the UK as to who can be certificated by taking a course only a day or too long.


Only market-leading brand names are used by Julie at The Laser Centre.

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