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Women’s Health Hub

The Women's Health Hub is a collective of healthcare professionals, specialising in all aspects of women's health, including fertility, contraception, bleeding problems, menopause and more.


Dr Jessica Langtree-Marche

Dr Jess is a Jersey-based GP, with an interest and passion for women’s welfare and fertility. She co-launched Jersey’s first women’s welfare and fertility clinic with Consultant Gynaecologist Mr Neil MacLachlan. Jess and Neil felt it was important to bring quality holistic healthcare to the community to help women with infertility, early pregnancy, period problems, menopause and contraceptives.

Jess and Neil hold One Stop clinics with 30-minute appointments and pelvic ultrasound as standard. They recognise that many problems require an in-depth discussion.

Lydia Falle

Lydia is the Hub’s resident Psychotherapist. She works with vast mental health issues including anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD/trauma, phobias, addictions and sleep disturbance. She uses the latest insights from neuroscience and psychological research and combines this with proven therapeutic techniques to provide highly effective interventions.

Lydia has a particular interest in female mental health, specifically areas relating to pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and beyond. From January 2024, Lydia will also be working with patients requiring support through fertility difficulties.

Jessica Pinel

Jessica is a Registered Associate Nutritionist with a specialist interest in fertility nutrition. Whether your goal is to gain mastery over your menstrual cycle, prepare for your trying-to-conceive journey, or receive support during your battle with infertility, she is here to assist you every step of the way. Jessica understands that fertility struggles can be challenging so has crafted simple strategies to help you adopt fertility-friendly nutrition habits.

Her recent diagnosis with PCOS has only fuelled her commitment to empowering others to take charge of their fertility, leveraging her professional knowledge and personal insights to guide and support each individual's unique journey.

Selena Chan

As an acupuncturist, Selena looks at pain and illness as signs that the body is out of balance, with the overall aim of restoring this disharmony by addressing the root cause using specific acupuncture points to trigger the body’s own natural healing response. Treatment is focused on the whole individual rather than a particular sign or symptom in isolation.

Selena has a keen interest in Women’s Health and has set up a community clinic where treatment is made affordable by patients being treated simultaneously. In doing so she can reduce the price of each treatment, meaning more patients are able to access treatment frequently.

Katherine Gasnier

Katherine is a BACP registered counsellor and is here to provide compassionate and evidence-based support for individuals aged 18+. Her expertise extends to addressing a wide range of mental health difficulties, including depression, anxiety, self-esteem/body-image issues, trauma, grief, and more.

Katherine's passion lies in women's health issues, with a focus on PMDD, PCOS, Endometriosis and menopause, offering support that acknowledges the unique challenges women face.

Katherine also hosts women's circles, fostering a supportive community for women's health and personal growth.

Alice Vincenti

Alice is a Specialist Occupational Therapist and Founder of the Parent Health Hub, a platform which helps parents manage emotional challenges such as overwhelm, outbursts, stress, anxiety and dysregulation. Having worked in healthcare for over a decade, Alice recognises the indispensable link between parental health and child development.

The Parent Health Hub applies this philosophy to parenting challenges, offering personalised consultations, workshops and online courses to address the health needs of parents at home and in the workplace. These courses are accessible to individual parents or organisations seeking to support employee wellbeing and retention.

With us we hope you feel heard, as we understand the significant impact women’s health issues can have.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the clinic.

Contact us to find out more about what we do -

Suite 2.8, Lido Medical Centre, St Saviour’s Hill, St Helier, JE2 7LA


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