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Beauty trends come and go, but are petals glued to your face and glitter lips one step too far? We think not! We've rounded up the season's top trends, styles and products.


Lower lids took centre stage at Shiatzy Chen, models under eyes were loaded up with silver sparkle while the rest of the makeup was minimal. SO pretty.


This masterpiece from the Preen show may be the most attention-grabbing look from the season thus far. Working with MAC Cosmetics, Garland stuck pressed flowers and leaves on many of the models' lips, cheeks, and décolleté. To try makeup trends like this one, you can keep it small - glue just a couple of dried petals either to your eyes or along the cheekbone. Alternatively, you can try to mimic the look of dried petals with eyeshadow. Just in time for festival season too!


Whoever said nail art is dead sure didn’t venture backstage at NYFW this season. Amidst all the chaos, nail artists sat crouched and hidden on the floor, hand-painting complicated shapes, mapping out graphic designs, and going wild with metallics - proving to everyone how they earned their name. To do it: Apply your polish, then place your stone using nail glue for bigger gems or a drop of topcoat for smaller ones; let dry. Then, more topcoat. And voilà! You have full-on nail jewellery.


The ponytail is back. "Tilt your head when brushing into a ponytail and secure to ensure the underneath of your ponytail is tight. Many people tip their hair forward but this will cause a saggy bottom. When your hair is secured, spray hairspray onto your brush and smooth it over to banish flyaways" says Jamie Stevens. Our tip? Try tying it with a ribbon for a pretty touch.


Beauty trends get started a lot of different ways, and the current feather brow trend is an up and comer for brow styles. The feather brow trend was started by Stella Sironen, a Finnish makeup artist. We're sure this trend won't stick, even though we're secretly rooting for it!


This season, some very graphic and bold eyeshadow styles were seen on the runway. From green and purple smudges to bright lines and fully coloured lids. Wearing bright eyeshadow is all about confidence, so make a statement and demand attention.

Images:, @kelseemarie

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