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What to wear to a summer wedding

This year it’s all about choosing design details that will give your outfit a fashion edge. Embroidery, embellishment, ruffles and bows are all favourites that will up the style ante.

Dresses, two pieces and jumpsuits are all fine; just consider the type of wedding. A beachy maxi dress or a comfy jumpsuit might work better for a relaxed wedding than a glamorous suit and cocktail dress style celebration. Silk, tulle, chiffon or cotton materials wear well in the summer because of the thinner, natural fabric; you definitely want to stay away from heavier jacquard or velvet on hot days or sweaty synthetics. With colours there’s never been a wider choice. Why not reflect the joy of the day by choosing something fresh and colourful? Neutrals are very useful but brighter block colours, pastels, florals and prints are perfect for this type of occasion.

Also, consider your accessories. Heels, wedges or flats? Clutch or crossbody bag? Bags with textures such as straw and beads are very on trend. Again, to be fabulously fashionable, it’s all about those little design details and materials. It’s good to slightly co-ordinate your shoes, bag or headwear to your overall look, but avoid complete matching or it can look a bit dated.

Finally, a little planning never hurts. A good try on session beforehand will let you know what you feel and look great in, meaning on the big day, you can get on with the important things, like celebrating.

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