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ArtHouse Jersey

Arts organisation ArtHouse Jersey presents exhibitions, performances and surprising events for the whole Island…

Even if you haven’t attended one of their events, it’s highly possible you will have heard about ArtHouse Jersey, a charitable arts organisation that serves the Island community and international audiences by supporting artists from Jersey and across the world to create ambitious work. From their large scale Skipton Big Ideas exhibitions, the groundbreaking audio-visual project Roaming Soundtrack, their large scale socially conscious Home mural which now covers the Normans building facade or their Tech Award winning The Sound of Colour digital art exhibition, ArtHouse Jersey are an organisation committed to producing and presenting high quality, surprising and accessible art for everyone in the Island.

There’s a whole host of ArtHouse Jersey arts and cultural happenings taking place on your doorstep in the coming months; some intimate events will take place at their famous HQ at Greve de Lecq Barracks, many exhibitions and performances will take place at their new, sleek exhibition space in St Helier, ArtHouse Jersey at Capital House, and a handful of artistic surprises will be popping up at unexpected locations around the Island too.

Kay Le Seelleur Ara:

Mrs Magnitude’s Emporium

19 July - 20 August 2023

Tues - Sat 10.30 to 6pm/ Sun 10.30 to 5pm / Mon closed

ArtHouse Jersey at Capital House

Kay Le Seelleur Ara is one of Jersey’s leading contemporary artists whose provocative and visionary paintings have won awards over several decades. This installation will create a mesmerising solo exhibition of her recent paintings, curated in collaboration with conceptual artist Rachel Ara taking as a starting point favourite images from Kay’s Instagram followers.

This show promises to be a fun and wild journey into the brilliantly inventive, sharp humour and gender politics of this significant artist and her extraordinary body of work. The show will feature hundreds of original works of art, paintings and drawings, made over the last couple of years in a unique and inviting setting styled in the theme of one of the Royal Academy of Arts rooms for Academicians.

No Place Like Home

5 September - 15 October 2023

ArtHouse Jersey at Capital House

+ various surprise locations across the Island

“There's no place like home” said Dorothy as she clicked her heels and hoped for the return to the comforts of her own bed.

This autumn ArtHouse Jersey at Capital House plays host to an ambitious multi-disciplinary exhibition featuring the work of acclaimed UK, international and Jersey-based artists that explores the concept of 'home' in the 21st century. The exhibition also sees ArtHouse Jersey extending far beyond its gallery walls, with intriguing, playful and participatory artworks around the Island.

We may all yearn for a Home, but this can be charged with political, social and economic realities. Histories and territorial borders fracture and shift, rules change, ecological and climate changes and mass migration can all impact on the intimate and incredibly fragile idea of what we call Home.

Curated by Rosalind Davis and Laura Hudson, No Place Like Home brings both existing and newly commissioned works by artists including Rachel Ara, George Bolster, Sasha Bowles, Justin Hibbs, Ana Cvorovic, Peter Liversidge, Lindsay Rutter, Will Romeril and Lisa Traxler.

No Place Like Home, by Rachel Ara & Laura Hudson

Skipton Big Ideas:

Human Connections

3 November - 17 December 2023 ArtHouse Jersey at Capital House

+ various surprise locations across the Island

Generously sponsored by long term supporters Skipton International, this year’s flagship exhibition explores the magic of human connection. The artists featured employ a range of different media to examine these connections; how we occupy spaces together, how we communicate both physically and emotionally and how we empathise with each other's lived experiences.

The artworks, many of which have an interactive element, will seek to draw out and augment these connections looking to engage and provide an opportunity in some cases for the public to actually see themselves represented within the artworks.

The exciting exhibition will take place in ArtHouse Jersey’s Capital House Gallery, the Tapestry Gallery of Jersey’s Maritime Museum and feature a travelling artwork which will make a pop up appearance in a number of cafés across St Helier, making this a truly accessible project promising to delight many an unsuspecting Islander.


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