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Eating Psychology

Do you find areas in your health, weight, or relationship with food that could greatly improve, yet you struggle to take the necessary steps?


Can you imagine a life with a harmonious relationship with food and profound love for your body, but the path seems to evade you?

Despite diligently following advice, are the desired results still elusive?

The good news is that Eating Psychology Coaching offers guidance to unravel these challenges. In a world filled with conflicting messages, there's prevalent nutritional confusion, often implying failure for not achieving the perfect weight or adhering to an ideal diet.


Eating Psychology

This transformative method views every eating challenge as an opportunity for personal growth. Equipped with maps, tools, skills, and protocols, it helps individuals comprehend their unique food narratives and break free from undesirable eating patterns. While not exclusively focused on clinical eating disorders, it benefits those grappling with such issues. It primarily addresses concerns related to weight, body image, overeating, emotional eating, binge eating, perpetual dieting, digestion, fatigue, mood, and various aspects of wellbeing.


Mind Body Nutrition

Delving into the intricate relationship between the mind, emotions, and lifestyle with physiological processes, Mind Body Nutrition explores how thoughts, feelings, beliefs, stress, relaxation, pleasure, and awareness impact the body's ability to metabolise a meal. Emphasising that what we eat is only one aspect of good nutrition, it recognises the crucial role of our identity as eaters. For those not getting desired results despite following advice, Dynamic Eating Psychology Mind Body Nutrition offer insights into understanding why, unravelling the mystery behind actions and responses.


7 breakthrough principles


Each One of Us Has A Unique Relationship With Food & Body

Individuals possess a distinctive connection with food and their body, deserving honour, respect, and nurturing. Eating psychology and mind-body nutrition reject a one-size-fits-all approach, demanding acknowledgment of each persons unique metabolism, lifestyle, and personality. It prioritises viewing each person as biologically and emotionally unique, initiating tailored strategies rooted in individual metabolism for genuine effectiveness and results.


Food Is A Doorway

Challenges with food and body are often more intricate than perceived. Our relationship with food serves as a captivating gateway, beckoning us to explore deeper aspects of ourselves that demand attention. Recognising food as a gateway allows us to unearth the genuine causes behind eating concerns, paving the way for resolving these challenges effectively.


Our Relationship With Food & Body Is A Great Teacher

Our relationship with our body serves as an invaluable instructor, encouraging us to learn about ourselves through life's lessons. Dynamic Eating Psychology recognises that the goal isn't merely resolving eating challenges for an ideal body and weight. Exploring weight unveils lessons in diet quality, food allergies, self-love, acceptance, unprocessed trauma, and stress management. The challenges persist until we are prepared to learn the lessons.


Every Unwanted Health Or Eating Concern Has An Unseen Wisdom & Brilliance

Behind every struggle with food and body lies a wisdom rooted in biology, genetics, neurochemistry, or psychology. Unravelling the reasoning behind each challenge allows us to release self-judgment and discern the appropriate healing strategy. For example, understanding that heartburn's unseen brilliance reveals its roots, urging us to address stress and make lifestyle adjustments.


If You Have A Challenging Relationship With Food Or Body, Then You’re Here To Heal It!

The wisdom embedded in our eating challenges is inescapable; there are no shortcuts. Healing becomes a fundamental purpose for those with food, weight, or body image challenges. Embracing life as a healing journey facilitates detachment from personalising food or weight challenges, prompting a deeper exploration and meaningful questioning.


Personal Power = Metabolic Power

This transformative principle asserts that as we enhance personal empowerment, our metabolic potential expands. Aligning personal development with nutritional focus accelerates profound change. Shifting attention from controlling food intake to authentic self-expression fosters healing in challenges like overeating or emotional eating. This paradigm shift, where Personal Power equals Metabolic Power, offers a potent and effective approach to food and body concerns.


Food Is A Profound Symbolic Substitute

"Symbolic substitute" encapsulates a captivating psychological phenomenon where, in the absence of desired fulfilment, the human psyche instinctively turns to the nearest approximation. Adopting this approach facilitates a gentler, more effective transformation of eating challenges by acknowledging their roots without judgment.


If you're intrigued to find out more and determined to break through your struggles around food, weight + body image, book in for one-to-one coaching with Eating Psychology Coach, Claire Bradbury. Claire is qualified through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Holistic Health Coach, through the University of Cambridge as a Life Coach and is certified as an Eating Psychology Coach & Mind Body Eating Coach under the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.


Contact Claire Bradbury on 07797 753891


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