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Kick start your weight management journey

The Weight Management Clinic at Castle Quay Pharmacy is led by prescribing Pharmacist, Nima Rad.


Nima Rad first started practising as a Community Pharmacist almost 10 years ago after graduating from the University of Brighton.


After moving from London to Jersey in 2019, he completed further University training to become a Prescribing Pharmacist, specialising in Type 2 Diabetes and weight management. Since starting his weight management clinic in 2023, he has achieved promising results for his patients, along with great feedback.


Patients of the weight management clinic receive a prescription-only medicine that mimics a chemical substance in the body. As well as other health benefits, it can reduce appetite and delay gut motility, ultimately resulting in weight loss. The medicine is given as an injection that is administered once a week. “Patients are pleasantly surprised by how small the needle is, and for those who are anxious about using an injection, I offer them the opportunity to inject their first dose with me for support.” Nima provides a holistic programme for his patients that not only achieves weight loss but also focuses on maintaining their weight goals long term. Nima does this by implementing bespoke weight management plans tailored to each patient to ensure a healthy lifestyle; the goal being to sustain weight loss. "It is about being as healthy on the inside and outside, which I aim to address throughout the programme. It is not a quick fix; ideally, patients need to be patient, committed and willing to go the extra mile to get results." Nima works closely with various healthcare professionals and exercise providers to ensure patients have the appropriate nutritional support and can incorporate physical activity into their lives. “I recognise how difficult this journey may be for my patients; therefore, I make myself available by email or phone to offer support throughout their programme.” 

Nima likes to be proactive and present throughout every patient’s journey to provide as much support as possible. This, in turn, allows Nima to get to know his patients and help them adopt healthier behaviours. “Habits can take a long time to adapt or change; I always recommend going slow to ensure greater success. The injection gives patients a kick start to achieve a healthier lifestyle.” 


Away from the Pharmacy, Nima is also a Thermomix advisor. The Thermomix is a kitchen appliance that helps make nutritious and fresh food or drink much more accessible to people. “From salads to soup or risottos to plant-based milks, the Thermomix can make these fresh at home, facilitating a more varied diet and a healthier lifestyle.” Nima has also recently ran the London marathon in 2023, in aid of NSPCC Jersey and is climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Dementia Jersey in February 2024. “I love setting myself fitness challenges as this motivates me to stay active. It’s all about finding what can keep you motivated.” 



“The whole appointment, Nima was polite and non-judgemental, listened to me and answered all my questions.”

 “He listens, makes good suggestions and above all makes himself very available for any questions or support you may have or need. Any emails you send to him are always answered very quickly.”


“Nima was very supportive and spent the time to listen and answer any questions that I had.”


“He was happy to go through anything I didn't fully understand the first time.”

“A really kind and compassionate gentleman.”

 To get in touch with Nima, email

Castle Quay Pharmacy, Le Capelain House, La Rue De L'Etau, St Helier


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