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Latte Makeup

Latte makeup will be sticking around for autumn, says Kate Morrison

Latte makeup was the trend of the summer, and this effortless, monochromatic look is due to stick around for autumn. For those embracing a more minimalistic makeup approach, this is the perfect look to transition into a cosy, pumpkin spice season.

The look is super versatile and highly effective, suitable for all skin tones with no hard edges and plenty of velvety textures and creamy finishes. You can easily adjust for different skin tones by changing the depth or undertone of the shade of brown.


Keep skin radiant and bronzed to retain those last remnants of summer days.

Skinfinish Sunstruck Radiant Bronzer £30, Mac


Opt for something besides your classic pink blush; choose warm shades for an autumnal glow.

Blush In Terra £29, Benefit


For eyes, you want a subtle smokey finish. Apply a matte shade to the crease and add a lighter shimmer on the lid. Switch up your combinations to take it from day to night.

Born This Way Natural Nudes £40, Too Faced

LIPS It’s all about those warm nudes with a glossy finish.

Kissing Lipstick In Nude Kate £24, Charlotte Tilbury


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