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Local interiors

Whether you're looking for soft furnishings or larger items, local retailers have plenty to offer.

The Gooseberry Bush

Owned by Samantha Gaudin

The Gooseberry Bush is a clothing and lifestyle store selling unusual and eclectic clothing from unique European brands and a gorgeous collection of homewares, including small interiors and soft furnishings to decorate any home.

Sam Gaudin worked with her mother running The Gooseberry Bush at First Tower, taking over the reins 10 years ago when she retired. The shop then moved to Rondels Farm and expanded.

Sam says her customers inspire her; listening and watching what they do with the lovely pieces in their homes inspires her to create a look that is both Nordic and contemporary.

Interior soft furnishing colours this spring include a shot of lime to liven up grey decor, plus dusky rose & leaf greens to bring the outside in! Furniture includes good value, multi-use pieces for display and storage, often used to create separate areas within apartments/homes. Washable recycled cotton rugs will cosy up areas, and new waterproof outdoor rugs will liven up any balcony, patio or decking area for the summer.

The Gooseberry Bush

Rondels Farm, Trinity

01534 726224


Founded by Maryke Harper

Kolle was launched by Maryke Harper, whose love of fabrics dates back to fond childhood memories.

"I grew up in South Africa, and since I can remember, I've been fascinated with beautiful spaces, colour and texture, with a particular love for fabric and textiles. My mother had a fabric shop, and I remember spending endless hours in her workroom, playing with offcuts of her beautiful quilts."

Having moved to Jersey 5 years ago for her husband's job, the original plan was for Maryke to take a break and look after their two girls.

"I soon realised that creativity needed to be part of my everyday life, and I soon began designing again, and I became obsessed with the art of silkscreen printing, building, curing and burning my own screens in my darkened laundry room. I started printing pieces of fabric and turned them into little wet bags, bowl covers, tea towels and other products I sold at markets and fairs. The fabrics I printed soon became more significant interior projects like cushions, blinds and upholstery... And then Kolle was born.

Maryke says the island inspires her - the soft, muted colours and patterns emerging from the seascapes and greenery.

"My designs constantly change and evolve, and I work with small batches of colour, making many of my products limited editions. During covid, I signed up for a 2-year online interior design course in Australia, which was amazing and helped me gain confidence in my creativity and interior style. I have since started assisting clients with interior projects that reflect their unique style while using the principles of good design to create feel-good spaces to be proud of."

In April last year, Maryke opened a little shop in the old barn up at David Hick Interiors, where she says the local support was incredible. Having recently branched out to the UK, Maryke's business partner, Nelia, represents the brand from Sevenoaks in Kent. Their cushion and bedding ranges are now stocked in several boutique interior shops across the UK.

At the end of April this year, Kolle will move into bigger premises in Miladi Parade, Longueville.

"The new shop will bring exciting new furniture and homeware suppliers to the island - all carefully chosen to reflect my passion for the environment. I try to keep the packaging as green as possible and to the absolute minimum. You can purchase bespoke, handprinted cushions and 100% linen fabric by the meter. There will also be space for me to host small group lifestyle events and workshops."

Maryke will be working with clients on interior projects, so if you need help, pop into the shop or contact Maryke on social media @kolle_interiors


Founded by Vanessa Vowden

Scent is powerful, & evokes memories, so why not fill your home with your favourite fragrances that may remind you of another time or place or that create memories for those you welcome into your home?

From walking in the house to doing the laundry, relaxing in the bath, or chilling with friends, Willow, founded by Vanessa Vowden, has a fragrance for every room and season.

"It's important to fill your home with wonderful scents and fragrances that make you happy and will hopefully remind your family and friends of the great times they've had in your home when they come across that scent somewhere else in their lives.

I like to have different fragrances for different rooms in the house, maybe not every room, but for example, I will have a different scent in the kitchen than what I would have in the lounge or bedroom. I even have one for the utility/ laundry room… well, there's nothing quite like lighting a candle that says I've done lots of washing and ironing when really you have put your feet up and read a magazine! Yep, you guessed it, Soft Linen.

Selling candles and diffusers online can be tricky, as being able to smell the scent first is a bonus. That's why doing pop-ups along the way is great, as you can come along and get a sense of all the fragrances.

Another way to discover your scent is to join our CANDLE CLUB. What's this, you ask? You sign up online (you only have to do this once) and get a discounted, full-size candle every month. We keep it appropriate to the season or occasion that may be happening that month, for example, Christmas, Valentine's etc. This means every month you get a different candle. Oh, and once you have been a "Clubber" for six months, your discount increases, so you pay even less! What's not to love about that?!

We also like to have exclusive scents outside our current collection. You will never have the same scent within 12 months. We also have many new arrivals coming soon, from wax melt sample kits to some beautiful new fragrances and our New Urban Collection, which will add colour to our candle collection.

So if you want your home to smell amazing, join our Candle Club, or drop us a message, and we can help you choose."


Founded by Sarah Ferguson

"Another homeware store?!" I hear you say. This one is with a difference.

Wabi-Sabi Home Interiors epitomises the true meaning of sustainability, sourcing ethical and artisan-made products from rural villages worldwide, which supports cultural traditions and income opportunities for families and their communities. Working with fair trade artisans renowned for their highly skilled craftsmanship brings a feeling of humility when these pieces are displayed and admired in our homes.

The concept behind Wabi-Sabi Home Interiors is "perfectly imperfect" (I love this concept so much). We live in a world that strives for perfection, not just in our homes but also in our everyday lives, and this creates overwhelming anxiety - but life isn't perfect.

"I've been practising wabi-sabi for a few years now, probably more so during the pandemic, when Wabi-Sabi Home Interiors started," explains Sarah Ferguson, the founder of Wabi-Sabi. "My creative artistic traits combined with my passion for home interiors led me to reach out to an Instagram account I follow closely (The Dharma Door), who inspired me to start my business.

So what is wabi-sabi, you ask? The Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi has been around for centuries. Its meaning is complex but described as "beauty caused by imperfection. A machine-made bowl is perfect but soul-less. A handmade bowl has subtle asymmetry revealing the craftsmanship involved in its creation.

"So when asked why I chose this name for my business, I say...It's more than a name; it's a lifestyle and a feeling. Our home is our sanctuary and should create a sense of calm - you can achieve this with natural materials such as wood, stone, linen, cotton, wool, clay (you get the gist), and textured finishes that boast unique natural imperfections are all elements of wabi-sabi."


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