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Melting Pot

The 70s vibe of Melting Pot will take you on a journey full of flavours and sensations.


Melting Pot, a 70s inspired Spritz Cocktail Bar, is the latest venture of husband-and-wife duo, Brian and Stani Smith.


The interior has taken inspiration from films such as Space Odyssey and Thunderbird futurism with bold, retro colours and prints. “We noticed the fashion of the 70s seemed to always be in style one way or another. I remember as a child in the 70s the colours going from incredibly bland and brown to psychedelic kaleidoscope madness with crazy patterns, and everything was creatively circular.”

Having been playfully toying with a 70s concept mood board for 8-9 years, Brian says he only started taking the concept seriously in the last year. He worked closely with designer Paul Sawford who is an internationally experienced leisure and tourism consultant, master planner and strategy designer with decades of expertise gained in hospitality, leisure and tourism. “We bounced ideas back and forth, and enjoyed putting the whole project together.”


The drinks were a massive inspiration to the whole concept and without doubt the Spritz at the four-front. Products such as Drambuie, Aperol and 70s style spritz cocktails are the very first offering on the menu. The selection is modern with a nod to 70s Nostalgia. Luke Loddo, the groups bar manager, has worked extremely hard building his creations such as the Pleasure Seka, Caught In The Rain, names inspired by 70s actresses and legendary 70s tunes.


You can expect to hear some of the coolest tunes from the 70s but the vibe will be very much focused on Northern Soul and Motown which has been the inspiration to modern mixes you will find in dance genres of the now generation, such as Soulful House, Deep Nu-Disco, Funky House, Disco House.


Melting Pot

6 Caledonia Place, St Helier


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