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Shop small, buy local

Whether you're buying for friends or family or simply treating yourself, support our local artisans and shop small this Christmas

Emma Burns-Di Lauro

A budding artist who started her creative journey at the start of lockdown (hoping to design something unique for her daughter’s nursery), Emma Burns-Di Lauro creates personalised, hand painted, botanical initial paintings. Each piece is bespoke and created with a distinctive selection of floral and botanical elements and an initial of your choice. Multiple initials, pairings and customisable variations of Emma’s artwork are available upon request.

Instagram: @emmagracebdl

Fb: Emma Burns-Di Lauro Art



Bohohitch handmade macramé is an unintentional success story born from a single ball of cotton. Chantal Le Goff, the creator of Bohohitch discovered her love and talent for creating modern macramé designs during lockdown. “One evening I’d really had enough of watching endless TV, and remembered I had bought some cotton months ago but hadn’t gotten round to giving it a go. After spending the evening hitting pause and rewind on a tutorial I discovered my passion for creating macramé."

Macramé pieces are created using recycled cotton.

For queries and orders please email Bohohitch can also be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Tiny Tots Hand Knits

Tiny Tots Hand Knits was founded by Beryl - a retired great grandmother who turned a pastime into a small local business. Beryl knits toys, hats, mittens, cardigans and much more. You can find Tiny Tots Hand Knits at St Peter's indoor market every Wednesday and Saturday between 9 and 3. Alternatively you can view the Facebook page Tiny Tots Hand Knits.

Aida de la Herran

Aida de la Herran makes sterling silver jewellery using traditional jewellery making techniques. All pieces are handmade from scratch by Aida at her studio, adding the pottery shards found on the Jersey beaches, sea glass, pearls and/or gemstones. Each piece is unique in pattern, colour, size and shape, made just for you. Aida makes earrings, pendants, cufflinks, bracelets, rings, keyrings and brooches, she also welcomes commissions.

For more information call 07700888999 or email to arrange an appointment. Buy or order online at

Dani Ledo

Dani Ledo is an ethical home fragrance brand, based here in Jersey, where Dani makes all of her candles, diffusers and room sprays herself. All Dani Ledo products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Dani’s products also have as little packaging as possible and where it is needed, she uses environmentally responsible packaging that is all 100% recyclable or biodegradable. Dani only uses 100% soy wax for her candles, to ensure that they are clean burning and uses a soy base for her room sprays and diffusers to avoid any nasty chemicals. She uses a mixture of essential and fragrance oils to create her unique fragrances and most are her own bespoke blend, completely individual to Dani Ledo.

Follow Dani Ledo on Instagram and view her website at

Rocque Paper Scissors

Complete your gift or table with handmade paper this Christmas. Turning discarded packaging and card into pulp, Kat Read of Rocque Paper Scissors, presses and dries every sheet of paper in her Grouville Studio. The paper is then carefully cut down into gift tags, place cards and stationary. Each of these can be personalised. When she is not pressing paper, Kat loves to create custom paper cut prints, such as houses based on a photo of your own home.

To order or learn more about the paper making process please go to

Made by a Hun

Made by a Hun is the brain child of Jade Conneely. Jade designs and handmakes each pair of earrings here in Jersey. The Bowie collection is an experiment of shapes, layers and angles - it's all about being bold and retro! Like all the earrings, these babies are made of lightweight polymer clay and finished with sterling silver plated studs.

Check out more amazing designs by Made by a Hun on Instagram or via

Original art by Anita Eastwood

Anita Eastwood is a watercolour, mixed media and acrylic painter who was born in Somalia and travelled extensively until settling in Jersey in 1991.

Anita paints original designs on local slate and recycled wood, which make for unique gifts. Anita uses acrylic paint on the slate/heart to create original images and then glazes over to prevent chipping. The hearts are pre-fixed with cord to enable hanging. The wood pieces are sanded, cleaned, painted with acrylic paint and then glazed.

Anita’s work can be found online at or or via Facebook at Anita Eastwood Art

Abi Overland

Illustrator Abi Overland creates uniquely intricate illustrations to create otherworldly landscapes to get lost in, a perfect form of escapism without ever having to leave the house.

The ethos of the brand is quality over quantity and everything is created with an air of mindfulness and is carefully considered. The idea is to work parallel to but in harmony with trends so as to maintain a timelessness that results in longevity with style. With the prints locally produced and glass/fine bone china coming from Stoke-on-Trent, the production journey is minimal and helps to support industries in both Jersey and the UK.

Follow Abi Overland on Instagram and view her website at


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